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Who We Are

Tutor Bungalow is an affordable way for parents and students to find a quality, in-home tutor ASAP for private lessons and homework help. We save the student money in two ways: first we charge a discounted Trial Hour of only $20 and second we allow the student to pay the tutor directly. Our Trial Hour even comes with a seven day money back guarantee! Check out the premier SAT prep in Los Angeles.

About Our Tutors & Teachers

Every tutor and instructor on our site has had experience teaching in front of a classroom or has been credibly vouched for by an established educational institution.

Featured Private Tutors

Hi, For the past four years I have taught math at the university level as a teaching assistant, working at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON, generall...
After graduating from Texas State University (summa cum laude), I became a 2007 Houston Teach for America corps member. My strengths are creativity and patience, which I used to teach elementary stud...
I've always loved learning. Both of my parents are teachers, and they helped make curiosity and playfulness part of the process from my earliest years. I seem to have caught the teaching gene ...
 Over 37 years teaching experience  at the college and business school level  Excellent oral and written communication skills  Proven success in motivating and working with stud...

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