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Who We Are

Tutor Bungalow is an affordable way for parents and students to find a quality, in-home tutor ASAP for private lessons and homework help. We save the student money in two ways: first we charge a discounted Trial Hour of only $20 and second we allow the student to pay the tutor directly. Our Trial Hour even comes with a seven day money back guarantee! Check out the premier SAT prep in Los Angeles.

About Our Tutors & Teachers

Every tutor and instructor on our site has had experience teaching in front of a classroom or has been credibly vouched for by an established educational institution.

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Hello, to whoever is reading this, look no further for a patient and encouraging tutor! I am a university graduate with a bachelor's degree in Chinese. While pursuing this degree, I tuto...
I'm here to help you discover a new love of reading and writing! I'm very patient and therapeutically oriented towards helping you build motivation and develop skills you did not know you were...
My name is Peter. I'm a current PhD student. I do private tutoring in science, general and human biology, inorganic and organic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and immunology. I enjoy ...
I'm an energetic, patient home-tutor with four years of teaching experience in grades K-7! After volunteering for a year with orphans and vulnerable children in East Africa, I've recently ...

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