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Tutor Bungalow is an affordable way for parents and students to find a quality, in-home tutor ASAP for private lessons and homework help. We save the student money in two ways: first we charge a discounted Trial Hour of only $20 and second we allow the student to pay the tutor directly. Our Trial Hour even comes with a seven day money back guarantee! Check out the premier SAT prep in Los Angeles.

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Every tutor and instructor on our site has had experience teaching in front of a classroom or has been credibly vouched for by an established educational institution.

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I am a certified secondary school English teacher and an adjunct instructor at Pace University. I have been teaching for the past five years in the New York City DoE. I majored in English at ...
Hello and thank you for visiting my profile. I look forward to meeting and helping you to define and reach your goals. My specialty areas are English and Mathematics, but I'm very comforta...
High School #45 , Tajikistan Yovon Khatlon Region From 09/1995 To: 06/2006 Tajik National University, Faculty of Orientalist in 09/2006 Ain Shams University , Faculty of Languages , Arabic ...

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